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WHAT does web design offer us?
  • a possibility to present our company in attractive, interesting and easily approachable way – through the internet
  • original appearence of a site attracts attention and makes visitors interested in so they can eventually become our business partners
  • time saving -targeted approach to only those visitors who are genuinly interested in what we offer
WHY do we need it?
  • it is the most simple way of making our users familiar with our products and services
  • free-of-charge “shop-window” available 24 hours a day
  • expanding our market independently of location
  • advantage over our competitors who don’t advertise through the internet
  • answering the most frequently asked questions
HOW can we recognize a quality web site?
It is:

    it must be clear to visitor what is offered to him
    good navigation
    original and memorable design
  • FAST (loading time)
    all visual elements (photos , graphics, animations) need to be optimized for the fastest possible download
    with most famous browsers, for example: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc.
    listed in most important browsers and directories: Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, DMOZ, Exactseek, Iskon etc. ALT web design performes listing exsclusively manually (sites that get listinged auromatically at several brosers in the same time often do not get listed at all or become just an easy target for spammers)
    In order to give quality information to users, web-sites need to be regularly maintained. If you have no time, possibility or will to maintain your site ( to change its content, check its technical functionality etc) ALT web design can do it instead of you.
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