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HONEY Texture

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Step 1
Draw any shape you like and fill with dark yellow colour like #F1D204.
Honey Texture - Step 1

Step 2
Add layer style with following options:
Drop Shadow
Honey Texture - Step 2 - Drop Shadow

Inner Shadow
Honey Texture - Step 2 - Inner Shadow

Inner Glow
Honey Texture - Step 2 - Inner Glow

Bevel and Emboss
Honey Texture - Step 2 - Bevel and Emboss

Honey Texture - Step 2 - Multiply

Honey Texture - Step 2

Step 3
Create a new layer.
Set the foreground color to the same yellow as in Step 1 (#F1D204).
In the gradient palette set the fill to Foreground to Transparent.
Load selection of the shape in the first layer (Ctrl+click on the first layer).
On the new layer, click and drag from the bottom of the selection area, and holding down the SHIFT key to hold a straight line, drag to the middle of the shape.
Set the layer mode to Color Dodge and the opacity to 22%.
Honey Texture - Step 3

Step 4
If you wish, you can use Burn Tool (Range: Midtones, Exposure: 20%) to darken around edges on the bottom layer.
Burn Tool Honey Texture - Step  4

Step 5
Add a background of your choice.
Honey Texture - Step 5
The finished result:
Honey Texture - the finished result
Applied texture:
Honey Texture - applied texture

14 Responses to “HONEY Texture”

  1. Awesome. Again very useful tutorial.

  2. Arly says:

    AHH i dunno whats wrong w. me! i cant get this to work! ๐Ÿ™

  3. Anonymous says:

    How do you do the font in the same way?

  4. admin says:

    Create the text you like using Type tool and #F1D204 color. Then follow the steps as above.

  5. Markos says:

    Please Can anybody upload the psd file!

  6. admin says:

    You can download the psd file here.

  7. Are this options available in all the versions of PHOTOSHOP?

  8. ืคื•ื˜ื•ืฉื•ืค ื–ื• ืชื•ื›ื ื” ื ืคืœืื”, ืื ื™ ืžืฉืชืžืฉ ื‘ื” ืขืœ ืžื ืช ืœืขืฉื•ืช ืชืคืจื™ื˜ื™ื ื•ื–ื” ื™ื•ืฆื ื ื”ื“ืจ

  9. it seems to be easy..but when you ake it by yourself is not the same thing

  10. if you learn the progrem for a while it is very easy. If you don’t it looks really hard.

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