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CHROME Metal Font

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Step 1
Create the text you like using Type tool and black color.
Chrome Font - Step 1

Step 2
Add layer style::
Drop ShadowChrome Font - Step 2 - Drop Shadow

Inner ShadowChrome Font - Step 2 - Inner Shadow 

Bevel and EmbossChrome Font - Step 2 - Bevel and Emboss
SatinChrome Font - Step 2 -  Satin
StrokeChrome Font - Step 2 -  Stroke
Color OverlayChrome Font - Step 2 -  Color Overlay
Gradient OverlayChrome Font - Step 2 -  Gradient Overlay
Chrome Font - Step 2

Step 3
Go under Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Curves
Chrome Font - Step 3 - Curves

Make the settings as the above picture.

The finished result:
Chrome Font - the finished result
Applied texture:
Chrome Font - applied texture

32 Responses to “CHROME Metal Font”

  1. KLM says:

    Hi there ~ THANK YOU. And I really like the first font under “Applied texture:” Can you tell me what that is?

    Best, KL

  2. admin says:

    Sure, the font is “Sofachrome”.

  3. mike says:

    nice tuto, where can i download the contours that you used for the glow effect? Thats not standard these flie

    thx for link

  4. admin says:

    What do you mean by “glow effect”? I didn’t use any Inner Glow or Outer Glow. I just added some sparkles with sparkles brushes. You can download them from this place:

  5. mike says:

    thanks admin, i mean the contours that u used on this picture >

    Looks like a flie or something like that ^^ I´ve searched google for a while to find new contours but didn´t find any contour that looks similar to yours 😀


  6. admin says:

    It is a custom made contour. You can download it here.

  7. tom says:

    awesome tut. I’m new to Photoshop. What is the best way to merge the adjustment layer with the base layer? I’m trying to add the chrome font I created to a business card I’m working on and it seems to invert the rest of the images when I do this?

  8. admin says:

    I’m affraid that merging the adjustment layer with just the base layer won’t work. You need to merge everything together with the background layer. It is the easyest to do by going to Layer -> Merge Visible (or Shift+Ctrl+E) or Layer -> Flatten Image.

  9. mike says:

    thank you very much for the contours!!

    awesome tut 😉

  10. Esben Slot Sørensen says:

    Nice tutorial indeed. I’m also new to Photoshop so please let me know how to install the plug-ins/filters you link to.

  11. admin says:

    @Esben Slot Sørensen
    Photoshop must be closed when installing new plugins.
    Download your plugin/filter and unzip it. Then copy and paste it to a corresponding folder.
    Find folder on your PC where Photoshop is installed, probably something like: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop.
    There you will find a folder to install plugins: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop \Plug-Ins.
    Presets should be installed in the folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop \Presets, each in its own subfolder.
    The contour I offered for download in this tutorial should be installed here: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop \Presets\Contours.

  12. Esben Slot Sørensen says:

    cool thanx. Now, I’ll lean back and wait for a tutorial in glassy fonts 🙂

  13. Jay says:

    Hi. I was just wondering what font you used for “the final result”?

    I used to have it and lost it and cannot for the life of me remember the name.

  14. admin says:

    The font is “Magneto”.

  15. Diana Zinn says:

    Great tutorial. Where can I find the contour you used? it does not appear to be standard in photoshop cs4.

  16. angelo says:

    hello i am using adobe photo shop cs4 and i tried making letters chrome but it did not work , in the satin box ” contour” the shape was not in the box ? any suggestions?

    Thank you Angelo

  17. brendon says:

    hi im jst wondering if i copy it onto paint will the back ground be black because ive had that problem with a lot of different chrome fonts

  18. senorfrisk says:

    I had the same problem as angelo. the shape was there.

  19. Kristin says:

    I loaded the contour, but it looks nothing like the tutorial. Mine looks nothing like the end result. I’m stumped!

  20. German Jake says:

    Whats the contour that looks like a couple of butterflys?

  21. admin says:

    @German Jake
    As I have already said before, it is a custom made contour. You can download it here .

  22. Nustyl says:

    I downloaded the contours from your link and can’t seem to find the image shown in the “satin” step, am I just missing it or what is the name in the list?
    if it’s custom how can I create it?
    also I can’t seem to get the sharp clear image like you have as a final result.
    I’m new to photoshop and I’m learning as I go all help is greatly appreciated

    Thank, Nu

  23. Crystal says:

    Hi, love the fonts in the final edition. Can you tell me what the 2nd and 4th fonts are?

  24. admin says:

    The fonts are, from top to bottom:
    SF Chromium 24
    Gravity Sucks
    Xtreme Chrome
    Alba Matter

  25. goblin says:

    yeahhh super tut even 2 years later :DDD Nevertheless can you tell me what´s the name of the font in “The finished result” ???

    Thanks Gob

  26. admin says:

    The font is “Magneto”.

  27. Chanel says:

    I followed your link and loaded the contour (chrome-alt.shc) for Satin Layer Style, but it doesn’t look like the “double-butterfly” one shown on your screen, and so I cannot get the same effect… please help!!!

  28. Cate says:

    CAn this be accomplished with pse5? I know it is VERY dated but htis is what I have.


  29. Cate says:

    I think I figured it out!

  30. PattyPatty says:

    Amazing Tutorial… and you’ve patience with all the font questions…

  31. Jane says:

    I do not have photo shop and you may not answer as the last entry was 2011. I need the name Zander or ZANDER in chrome and in Magneto font. Can you help? Jane

    Jpg or SVG?

  32. AlisonJuicy says:

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